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COMTAZ finance AFRICA Limited (CFA) is legally constituted Tanzanian Consultancy firm based in Dar es Salaam with its new Headquarters at New Bagamoyo Road, Green Acres House 1st Floor Suit No. 215. It was officially registered on 11 December 2013 by Tanzania Registrar of Companies under Certificate of registration No. 102894. The Company holds all the legal Business, Tax and Registration Certifications.

CFA is based in Dar es Salaam and is a rapidly-expanding success-based boutique global fundraiser and collateral leasers’ connector for all type of projects and businesses.

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“Comfinance Africa is dedicated to connect investors and businesses, startups. You do not need to worry again about funding of your project, we are here for you to help your succeed.


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Green Acres, Victoria, Makumbusho, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Phone: 1-800-987-6543

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